All things are possible

With Divine Mother Rama Devi’s blessings all things are possible. Let me share an incident in this regard – I had always loved the stage since I was first introduced to it in my college days in 1993. Once I graduated in 1995 I joined the Bangalore edition of  The Times of India in a marketing function. During those days I juggled between my profession and my hobby. Evenings found me at theatre rehearsals, while during the day I was at work.

Soon this passion for theatre was soon engulfing me. I began to hate the monotony in my work and longed for the freedom that the theatre gave me.  The fear of financial insecurity kept me tied to my job. Soon I found that I was not able to do justice to either my job nor theatre. I would constantly pray Divine Mother give me strength and the courage to pursue my dreams and chant –

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike.
Charanam Sharanam Trayambake.

In 2000 through a series of events I was able to quit my day job and jump into theatre completely. Although the going, by no means easy, is the best decision I have ever taken. Today, I am happy and content. Along with two friends from college, we run a professional theatre group which is into training and using theatre as a language of communication. Through Divine Mother’s grace, work is never a concern and we work actively with corporates, educational institutions and Non-Governmental agencies. We also run the Theatre Department of a prominent college in Bangalore among other things.

Divine Mother set us on a road map of success. When veteran theatre personalities lament -‘there is no money in theatre’ in newspaper interviews, I beg to differ. With Mother’s blessings, all things are truly possible.

Jai Matha


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  1. i likemather divin sri ramadevi sed 2pichrer my email i d

  2. Divine Mother pass me ! pleasee . i really have reasons for this . i really need to pass . i worked hard all year but couldn’t do my exams well . please pass me without supllementary . i am begging for your blessing my mother

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