Divine Mother hears our inner self

Yesterday in peak traffic, I suddenly felt helpless on my two wheeler. Caught between streams of quick moving vehicles, I felt that I would be hit any moment by a vehicle.  Mother help me – take me to a  safer place and I chanted the Divine mantra.

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike
Charanam Sharanam Trayambake

Within seconds, the car to my left slowed down inexplicably and I was able to move to a more safer section of the road. The rest of the journey was peaceful. This scenario has happened very many times – each time a call for help has given instant succour. So too in life, when one is in great despair, Divine Mother rushes to our rescue.

Sometimes this help, to the human mind seems a little slow to be coming. At those times, one cries one’s heart out ‘Divine Mother don’t you hear me?’ This is followed by what seems to be a long silence. Until the miracle happens at another time. Two things come to mind – Yesterday’s driving incident and what Swami Sreepada Tirtha (Divine Mother’s disciple who runs the Ashram at Tellicherry) said to me once…

He said – ‘The human notion of time is not necessarily God’s notion of time. One must pray and at the time that Divine Mother feels is the right time, Mother will step in’. In hindsight we will realize that what has happened is the best for us. In the context of yesterday’s driving incident, help did come instantly because the situation demanded it. In issues concerned with relationships, health and so on, help will come at the right time. We may not be able to comprehend it, but we must never lose faith.

Divine Mother hears the call from our inner most self. Mother is aware of every heartbeat, every nuance of the soul. Mother is closer to us than we can ever imagine. Remember, when one chants the Divine Mantra we are opening up a special connection between us and the Divine presence within.

Jai Matha


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  1. oh god ! please pass my exam . Divine Mother , ur like my Mother . please ask god to pass me . this is my life .

  2. Loving Mother.

    I am in deep trouble in my office, where I am working for the past 20 years ( because of heavy liabilities faced by the management). Senior executives who have left our office 3 years back – one executive joined in our company’s JV partner and taken few people from our company. Another two executives joined hand with foreign company and started new office and recruited nearly 100 people from our office. In spite of my repeated requests, nobody is willing to offer a job for me. They know about the critical situation in our office. For everything our M.D is the main person, who have cheated and taken crores of money along with two more persons from the company and left it NIL. At this present situation, Admin, A/cs, Materials departments are having some work during the closure of contracts. But, for me, since I was working with that cheating MD, I am not given any good work.

    During the tenure of 20 years also, he has been torchering me every now and then. I was crying all these days without any help.

    I am having one daughter, who is working in a software company – she has to get married. for that I require money. My husband is doing small business (electronic line) for the past 5 years. Now, I have decided to help my husband in his business and take care of the family. Please give your blessings mother throughout my life. I need your blessings.

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