Mother’s Grace

Divine Mother’s grace is infinite. Her blessings are bountiful. Her love engulfs the devotee and helps him get rid of his karmic coils. Mother’s compassion and love is eternal and all-encompassing. Even as we flounder in this human existence and lose our way often. Even when we are moving through the darkest of journeys. Moments when we feel all meaning is lost in life, the devotee is asked to hold on tightly to Divine Mother. The devotee who is able to do that will find his guidance. So dear fellow devotees, despair not, at times of profound grief Divine Mother is very very close to us. Chant the Divine Mantra. Hold on to that belief. Divine Mother will never forsake you, for you are her most precious child.

Jai Matha

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A Miracle at a temple

Last month I was passing by the Ochira temple in South Kerala when my cousin suggested that we should step into the temple for a ‘darshan’. We walked into the large temple ground. It was 2 in the afternoon and there were very few people there.

Unlike a conventional temple which has structures, this temple is designed in an open space around a few banyan trees. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity. I was fascinated by the experience of seeing such a unique holy place.
While praying I kept chanting Divine Mother’s mantra.

Suddenly with a shock I realized that my wallet which was in the pocket of my kurta was missing!!! There was close to ten thousand rupees in cash, atm card and my credit card. It was a shocking moment. Nobody had come close to me in the last 15 minutes. I was very sure that my wallet was very much present in my pocket just when we entered the temple. Then what happened? How did it disappear? I had no answer. It was as if like magic it had disappeared into thin year.

We retraced our steps hoping to see if it had fallen from my pocket. But there was no sign of the wallet. In desperation, I inwardly prayed to Mother ‘Mother please help me get my wallet back.’ I chanted Mother’s Mantra –
Charanam Sharanam Ramambike.
Charanam Sharanam Thrayambage.

Just then suddenly one of the priests came upto me and asked if I had lost anything. They had found a wallet lying on the floor. I was amazed. With a prayer and a big thank you on my lips I left the place with my wallet and all its contents intact.

Jai Matha

Miracle in the jungle!

Last month I was travelling back from the Ashram in Tellicherry with my friend Brijesh Tolani. On our way to Bangalore we were driving through a very bad stretch of road close to Kabini when the car hit a crater. Brijesh who was driving, muttered ‘oh that is a  bad one’.  Within a few seconds, the emergency oil lamp lit up. He immediately pulled the car over. By now, it had started raining heavily and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. This was an elephant corridor. Just then an Ambassador which came behind us stopped and the driver told us that all our oil had leaked at the crater behind. He then drove off.

We prayed silently to Divine Mother. Mother help us out of this situation. Brijesh was very cheerful. He told me – ‘Rajesh nothing can happen to us. Mother is with us’. Within minutes he dialed his friend in Bangalore – Vikram. Vikram Nanjappa used to head one of the branches of Jungle Lodges Resorts. The Kabini branch of Jungle Lodges Resorts was just 2 kms away from us. Within 45 minutes, help was at hand. The car was towed away to the resort and we were dropped off at a hotel at a place called Hand Post which was the nearest place about 20 kms away. Vikram’s wife Shyamini got her driver who stayed at this place to book a room for us. The hotel was brand new and we spent the night peacefully.

The next morning, another friend of Brijesh’s – Sachit had arranged two mechanics from Mysore to visit us. They found out that the oil filter had broken. It was replaced and we were safely on our way back to a peaceful drive to Bangalore. Divine Mother made our journey a most memorable one. Thank you Mother.

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike
Charanam Sharanam Thrayambake

Bringing a loved one back to life

I recently met up with my childhood friend Brijesh Tolani after nearly ten years. Brijesh narrated an amazing incident that happened to him a few years ago. His 5 year old nephew was travelling on a scooter with his dad when they met an accident. Nothing happened to both of them and very soon they were back on the scooter. But a little while later, the boy started showing signs of choking. His father rushed him to the hospital where doctors said that his food pipe was twisted in the fall and he was choking on it. His condition was very serious and he was taken to the ICU.

On hearing the news Brijesh suddenly remembered Divine Mother’s chant which I had told him earlier and sent the chant as an sms to all his friends asking them to chant the mantra for his nephew’s survival. Brijesh didn’t remember the correct intonation but just a vague idea of the words. But he prayed wholeheartedly to Divine Mother.

In the meantime the boy turned a bluish colour and doctors gave up hope when he stopped breathing! He was in this condition for about five minutes when all monitors and systems showed that for all practical purposes the boy was not breathing. When suddenly a new infusion of energy seemed to grip the boy and he started breathing and was quickly on the path to recovery.

In her infinite kindness, Divine Mother responded to my friend’s cry for help. It did not matter at that moment if the mantra was rendered in the right manner all that mattered to the almighty was the sincerity, devotion and innocense of the devotee.

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike.
Charanam Sharanam Thrayambake.

Jai Matha.

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God doesn’t want your money!

This blog happened because of the numerable amount of miracles that I have personally witnessed in my life and those of people I know who are devotees of Divine Mother. A deep desire to share those moments and Divine Mother’s will that it happen, resulted in this blog. At no point does this blog promise to intercede on anybody’s behalf. These are only testimonials of a devotee – so that it may inspire others like yourself to know the glory of Divine Mother Rama Devi.

Very many people, especially the student community sends very many mails and postings pleading for help in passing their exams.Promises are made of offering money, promising to fast and so on if the wishes are fulfilled. One particular girl sent a flurry of messages pleading that she pass in her exams. She failed, upon which she sent hate messages.

Dear readers, God doesn’t want your money! So don’t bother bribing the ever present truth in each one of us. When we chant the Divine Mantra – Charanam Sharanam Ramambike Charanam Sharanam Thrayambake, we are opening up a connection within ourselves to the divinity within. This divinity is the eternal truth. When we desire something, whatever it is – a broken relationship, wealth, a position, passing exams in the academic field, passing exams in the field of life; we are presenting forth our agony to a higher counsel and we are praying for relief.

Once we pray and chant the Divine Mantra, Mother is in charge of us – of our problem. Submit yourself to her and don’t worry about the problem. Whatever that happens after that is for your own good. Whether that particular relationship fails or if you fail in that exam. Accept it and move on and you will find greater glories in your path. In our short-sightedness we are unable to accept failure and and some of us curse God. This is indeed tragic.

I am reminded of the verses of the mystic poet Kahlil Gibran – ‘Then a woman said, speak to us of joy and sorrow. And he answered.  Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with tears. And how else can it be? The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?’

May Divine Mother’s grace embrace us all.

Jai Matha

All things are possible

With Divine Mother Rama Devi’s blessings all things are possible. Let me share an incident in this regard – I had always loved the stage since I was first introduced to it in my college days in 1993. Once I graduated in 1995 I joined the Bangalore edition of  The Times of India in a marketing function. During those days I juggled between my profession and my hobby. Evenings found me at theatre rehearsals, while during the day I was at work.

Soon this passion for theatre was soon engulfing me. I began to hate the monotony in my work and longed for the freedom that the theatre gave me.  The fear of financial insecurity kept me tied to my job. Soon I found that I was not able to do justice to either my job nor theatre. I would constantly pray Divine Mother give me strength and the courage to pursue my dreams and chant –

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike.
Charanam Sharanam Trayambake.

In 2000 through a series of events I was able to quit my day job and jump into theatre completely. Although the going, by no means easy, is the best decision I have ever taken. Today, I am happy and content. Along with two friends from college, we run a professional theatre group which is into training and using theatre as a language of communication. Through Divine Mother’s grace, work is never a concern and we work actively with corporates, educational institutions and Non-Governmental agencies. We also run the Theatre Department of a prominent college in Bangalore among other things.

Divine Mother set us on a road map of success. When veteran theatre personalities lament -‘there is no money in theatre’ in newspaper interviews, I beg to differ. With Mother’s blessings, all things are truly possible.

Jai Matha

New books on Divine Mother

At the recently concluded Centenary Celebrations at Rama
Devi Bhakta Mandali in Tellicherry,  Swami Sripada Teertha released three new books in English for devotees. These books are milestones in authentic literature concerning Divine Mother Rama Devi. Swamiji has been a disciple of Divine Mother since 1958. He lived under Mother’s guidance at Mother’s Mangalore residence for years and progressed in his spiritual path under Mother’s direct supervision.

He codified, compiled, edited and published several of her works in English and Malayalam and also edited the Mission’s journal, Santidipam for 17 years. After Divine Mother’s Maha Samadhi he accepted formal Sanyas and settled at Mother’s Taponilaya at Tellicherry, guiding devotees.

The new books are

1. ‘Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi (A Thrilling Biography) Volume 1 written by Srimad Sreepada Theertha Swamigal and priced at Rs. 200/- (432 pages).
2. ‘ From Heart to Hearts’ written by her Holiness Sadguru Sree Tara Devi and priced at Rs. 150/- (337 pages).
3.  ‘Abhayam’ 100 Years of Eternity – Paramaguru Sree Ramadevi Centenary Souvenir priced at Rs.200/- (488 pages).

To know more about these books please write to – Sree Ramadevi Bhaktha Mandali, Sree Rama Devi Mandir, Main Road, Thalassery 670 101

Taming the drunk

This incident took place a few years ago when I was travelling with my mother from Tellicherry to Bangalore by train. We had just visited the Ashram and were returning back home. There was an American lady in our compartment who was touring India and a bunch of men who were progressively getting drunk. They were drinking very secretively standing close to the footboard and I was getting tense as we had a night journey to share with them.

While my mother and the  lady overtly seemed unconcerned by them, I could sense a tension in the air. Divine Mother protect us, I prayed. Let us have a peaceful journey. I kept chanting Mother’s Divine Mantra –

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike
Charanam Sharanam Trayambake

Soon it was time for the berths to be put up and for us to sleep. My mother was in the lowest berth and the lady was in the berth above her. All around them, the drunk men had their berths. I had got a side berth away from them above the side single seats. Looking at the scene around me, sleep was the last thing on my mind. I was ready to take any action at the slightest hint of trouble. That is when the miracle happened. Within moments, all the drunk men were fast asleep. Their soothing snores was music to my ears. We had a safe and peaceful journey right up to the time the train reached Bangalore. Divine Mother ensured that the drunk were tamed.

Jai Matha

Divine Mother hears our inner self

Yesterday in peak traffic, I suddenly felt helpless on my two wheeler. Caught between streams of quick moving vehicles, I felt that I would be hit any moment by a vehicle.  Mother help me – take me to a  safer place and I chanted the Divine mantra.

Charanam Sharanam Ramambike
Charanam Sharanam Trayambake

Within seconds, the car to my left slowed down inexplicably and I was able to move to a more safer section of the road. The rest of the journey was peaceful. This scenario has happened very many times – each time a call for help has given instant succour. So too in life, when one is in great despair, Divine Mother rushes to our rescue.

Sometimes this help, to the human mind seems a little slow to be coming. At those times, one cries one’s heart out ‘Divine Mother don’t you hear me?’ This is followed by what seems to be a long silence. Until the miracle happens at another time. Two things come to mind – Yesterday’s driving incident and what Swami Sreepada Tirtha (Divine Mother’s disciple who runs the Ashram at Tellicherry) said to me once…

He said – ‘The human notion of time is not necessarily God’s notion of time. One must pray and at the time that Divine Mother feels is the right time, Mother will step in’. In hindsight we will realize that what has happened is the best for us. In the context of yesterday’s driving incident, help did come instantly because the situation demanded it. In issues concerned with relationships, health and so on, help will come at the right time. We may not be able to comprehend it, but we must never lose faith.

Divine Mother hears the call from our inner most self. Mother is aware of every heartbeat, every nuance of the soul. Mother is closer to us than we can ever imagine. Remember, when one chants the Divine Mantra we are opening up a special connection between us and the Divine presence within.

Jai Matha

Divine Mother save me…

2004 December – Pre-occupied with the construction of my home, I was on my scooter on Bangalore’s Cubbon Road. The traffic had turned red, and I was impatient to get going. Just as it turned green, instead of moving straight ahead, I changed my mind and took a sharp right. The result – a taxi hit my scooter sending me into a tumble, even as the bike skidded away to the side. I fell right into the path of the taxi which had not braked. Lying on the road with my head down, everything seemed to be in slow motion. (Although I now realize that everything was happening in the blink of an eye). Lying in that position strangely calm, and wondering if this is how I was going to die, I chanted –

Charanam Sharanam…

And then the vehicle screeched to a halt and I was granted a new lease of life. I suffered a broken knee and was in bed for more than a month, after which it fully healed.

But I can never forget that surreal moment when everything slowed down… and I waiting for the wheels of the car to hit me…strangely calm…chanting the mantra of life.

A heartfelt thanks to you Divine Mother.

Jai Matha.